FISH FIGHT! Tuesday, October 25th

Long-time chums Andrea Carlson (executive chef and owner of Burdock & Co) and Robert Belcham (executive chef and owner of Campagnolo) have teamed up for Fish Fight! – a collaborative, ocean-inspired dinner packed with sustainable eats, handcrafted naturalist wines and cheeky amusements.
During this ultimate seafood showdown, Carlson and Belcham will bring to the table a startling array of sustainable bounty found in British Columbia’s thriving waters. The multi-course dinner is guaranteed to titillate seafood lovers, though no carnivore will be left behind thanks to meaty selections making cameo appearances throughout the night. And since no feast is complete without the drink of the gods, Burdock & Co’s expert Sommelier, Jesse Walters, will be on hand to recommend naturalist wine pairings.