Dinner         69  per guest

Glorious Radicchio

preserved lemon emulsion, smoked almond, pear

Corn Risotto

poblano broth, castelvetrano olives, fennel

Fazzoletti Pasta

Milan's grapes, fennel seed, olive oil, lemon, anchovy, garlic 

Dry Aged Duck Breast

rose honey glaze, green coriander seed harissa, celeriac

Almond Cake

browned butter, chamomile roast nectarine, verbena maple caramel





Northern Divine Caviar     60

tarragon 'tater' tots, chives, crème fraîche 

Burrata   20

pickled stone fruits & fennel, brioche

Grilled Arctic Sourdough     6

cultured butter, malden salt




Vegetarian menu available upon request

please inform us of any allergies / dietary restrictions as not all ingredients are listed on the menu