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gathering resins  under the Sap Moon    95  per guest



braised burdock & pine mushroom stuffed morel mushrooms, fermented pine nut purée, resinous pine syrup, lichen

Douglas Fir

shrimp toast, leek terrine, brioche, fir tip vinaigrette

Black Cottonwood

nettle & ricotta ravioli, spring onion pickle, cottonwood bud cream


dry aged pork loin, fermented spruce bbq syrup, braised shiitake, spruce scented lentil ragout, smoked Nero Tondo radish

Saltspring Citrus

warm SSI citrus marmalade honey cake, ginger magnolia flowers


Wine Pairing    65


Premium Wine Pairing  99



Northern Divine Caviar     65

tarragon 'tater tots, crème fraîche  

Savoury Profiteroles     23

chicken liver parfait, salted mulberry caramel      

Buratta     26

persimmon chutney, Creanza olive oil    

Buttermilk Fried Chicken   22

dill pickle powder, ranch dip

Arctic Sourdough   8

aged sake kasu butter   




Vegetarian Menu available upon request

please inform us of any allergies / dietary restrictions as not all ingredients are listed on the menu


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