Burdock Breads

arctic sourdough, savoury frangipane, seeded cracker, cultured butter


semi dry & fresh, mussels, braised anise, green fennel seed butter

Cone Cabbage

caramelized, kasu coppa, Kabritt fonduta, pickled chanterelles

Short Rib

organic beef, glazed leeks, potato cream, oyster emulsion, fuki gremolata 

Paris Brest

corn & sherry custard, smoked E.V.R. cacao nib & candy corn brittle

White Chocolate

house made with fennel flower




Northern Divine Caviar     65

tarragon 'tater tots, crème fraîche  

Savoury Profiteroles     23

cured trout, summer dill cream cheese   

Padron Peppers     23

garlic almond crunch, almond parmesan   

Buratta     26

Stoney Paradise tomatoes, Creanza olive oil  

Celebration Salad     18

fermented Charantais melon vinaigrette  

Buttermilk Fried Rabbit   22

ranch dip




Vegetarian Menu available upon request

please inform us of any allergies / dietary restrictions as not all ingredients are listed on the menu



Summer of Love Tour

Harvest Edition  89  per guest