Dinner         69  per guest

Pacific Scallop & Mussels

fir & rosemary smoked, sea vegetable & green currant butter

Cedar Isle Spring Wheat Hotcakes

cured trout, crème fraîche, spring peas & fennel

Forest Porcinis

seared & shaved, fiddleheads & mushroom soil

Ribeye Cap Steak

charcoal grilled, 'steak spice', marjoram & pickled garlic Warba potatoes

Chocolate S'mores

toasted vanilla marshmallow, Nootka rose caramel, burdock gelato





Northern Divine Caviar     60

'tater' tots, chives, crème fraîche 

Kusshi Oysters    6 for 18

tarragon wine mignonette


olive oil brioche, smoked tomato chutney  20

Grilled Arctic Sourdough     6

cultured butter, malden salt




Vegetarian menu available upon request

please inform us of any allergies / dietary restrictions as not all ingredients are listed on the menu