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submerging stones under the Sturgeon Moon    125 per guest


Burdock Bread

housemade, a selection, cultured butter


rosehip bbq glazed, dried scallop & tomato dashi, fennel salad


charred risotto, fermented crab apple & gochujang broth, black garlic oil


charcoal grilled, dill pickles, crispy ham, porcini, purslane


burdock miso caviar butter sauce, buckwheat & potato waffle, koji braised celery

Stone Fruit

acacia flower honey cream, gold plum compote, pine nut meringue


Wine Pairing    65


Premium Wine Pairing  99


Northern Divine Caviar     65

tarragon 'tater tots, crème fraîche  

Buratta     26

toasted focaccia, figs, Creanza olive oil    

Savoury Profiteroles   23

cured steelhead with brown butter sabayon, preserved citrus

Buttermilk Fried Chicken   22

dill pickle powder, ranch dip

Padron Peppers   18

almond garlic crunch, almond parmesan

Tomato Salad   22

...with Milan's tomatoes



Vegetarian Menu available upon request

please inform us of any allergies / dietary restrictions as not all ingredients are listed on the menu


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