Dinner         69  per guest

Corn Salad

gold plum, shiso, Juliette goat camembert cream

Side Stripe Shrimp

toasted brioche bun, fennel, pickled celery


fava beans, walnut & bénédictine blue cheese, woodland sorrel

Confit Halibut

roasted Walla Walla onion, spicy tomato vinaigrette

Chocolate Tart

raspberry sorbet, fig leaf cream





Northern Divine Caviar     60

'tater' tots, chives, crème fraîche 

Crescent Farms Radish    12

wild harvest nori butter

Burrata   20

white currant & rose vinaigrette, brioche

Tomato Salad    15

Creanza olive oil, garden herbs

Celebration Salad    14

Nootka rose vinaigrette

Grilled Arctic Sourdough     6

cultured butter, malden salt




Vegetarian menu available upon request

please inform us of any allergies / dietary restrictions as not all ingredients are listed on the menu