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Covid-19 Protocols at Burdock & Co




At Burodock & Co, our first priority is always the health and safety of our staff and guests. During this time of uncertainty, we intend to err on the side of caution. 


To this effect, following WorkSafe BC recommendations, all of our staff will be wearing face masks and gloves, and our capacity will be limited to under 25 ppl (including staff) in the building at any given time. All tables will be separated by 2m, and we will attempt to distance ourselves from each other as much as possible. All kitchen and bar seating has been eliminated. We have created open-air patio seating, all of which is also distanced and will be treated with the same care and safety as indoor tables. We will not be accepting tables larger than six guests. Our menus will be single-use paper, and will be prompty recycled after use.


Sanitation stations will be available and used in all server stations, and high-contact surfaces will be sanitized every 30min in the restaurant. Between seatings, all surfaces guests come into contact with will be fully sanitized before the next table arrives. Our dishwashing area will incorporate a full submersion of all dishes in a sanitation tub, followed by high heat cleaning. Any staff member that handles dirty dishes will be required to fully sanitize or change their gloves before moving on to the next task.


Any staff member or guest who displays cold/flu like symptoms will be prohibited from entering the workplace. We will also insure that we keep a point of contact for all tables that dine with us to insure our ability to do contact tracing.


We will continue to keep ourselves informed and in constant conversation with our staff and guests to insure that we are offering the safest dining and working experience possible.

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