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Burdock & Co 
Moon Menu Series

Burdock & Co is excited to present our Third Year of the Moon Menu Series with 6 distinct seasonal local botanical themes. 

We focus on flavours...topics...subjects...ingredients that are deeply inspiring to us, each aligned to a moon series that echoes its time and place.   

February - March                

CITRUS Scented Rain Under a Snow Moon

April - May                

Gathering RESINS Under a Budding Moon 

June - July              

FLOWER Gazing Under the Berry Moon

August - September              

Road Trip BOTANICALS Under the Sturgeon Moon

October - November               

Radiant RADICCHIOS Under a Frost Moon

December - January                

Gathering ROOTS Under a Cold Moon

Current Menu : June - July 2024

flower gazing under a Berry Moon

moon, 3_4 full, sky only.png


Arctic Sourdough Bread

Acadian Sturgeon Caviar


marjoram & roasted garlic butter    8

tarragon 'tater tots, crème fraîche, chives   125

toasted focaccia, rhubarb harissa, Creanza olive oil    26

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

spring pickle & citrus remoulade    22

Celebration Salad

Glorious Organics greens, apricot kernel vinaigrette  20


Romelia cheese, cured green figs & asparagus    22



Day Lily

stracciatella, green pea, purslane & mints

Red Currant Flower

beet carpaccio, preserved tomato oil, geoduck



charcoal grilled spotted shrimp, island ginger glaze, radish, garden fuki,                       magnolia kimchi, gooseberry boshi

halibut mousse, fermented elderflower butter basted cabbage, eulachon oil, skyrr,  pickled green currant vinaigrette    •add Acadian Gold Caviar   30


dry aged 63 Acres beef strip loin, nasturtium flower butter, spring pickles jus,    nasturtium leaf, turnip & braised beef cheek rolls, marjoram potatoes

Nootka Rose

almond cake, rose honey marzipan, cardamon mousse, strawberries

Violet Gummy

Wine Pairing                75

Premium Pairing        110

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