Wine Club!  June16

Wine Club! June16

This Week's Offering:


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Wednesday June 09   5-7PM


Alain Gueneau Sancerre Rose 2018

Loire Valley, France


Most know Sancerre for its classic Sauvignon Blanc, some know it for its elegant reds from Pinot Noir, and few know it for its bright, fresh, ruby rose! Alain Gueneau is a classic producer selecting his fruit from steep slopes mainly around the village of Sancerre itself. Pinot Noir makes up about a fifth of his production, to which he brings a lightness and expressiveness that speaks of this high latitude. He practices viticulture based on permaculture, using different crops between the vines to balance the nutrient density in the soil and the moisture levels above the ground. Everything is done by hand from beginning to end. This is so bright and fresh - chill it down and drink it just by itself, it deserves it!


Jean-Paul Brun ‘Le Ronsay’ Beaujolais Blanc 2019

Charnay, Beaujolais, France


JP Brun has been disturbing the ranks of Beaujolais producers for many years now. He does not chaptalize (adding sugar to the unfermented must to raise the final alcohol level - pretty common in this region), and he avoids carbonic fermentation, which brings that banana-driven, bubble gum-y profile to Beaujolais Nouveaus. He employs a traditional Burgundian style of fermentation, with natural yeasts, large neutral barrels, and very close attention to pristine fruit quality. This Gamay Noir comes from the single vineyard of Le Ronsay. Give it a bit of a chill (30mins or so in the fridge) and enjoy it as your first red for some end-of-week drawn-out dinner with friends, well deserved.