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Modern Pacific Northwest Cuisine

Andrea Carlson is chef and owner of Burdock & Co which she opened in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, May 2013.

Our philosophy is guided by principles of sourcing and recognizing that we are of a place…

The place?  …the Canadian Pacific Northwest…British Columbia…a tangle of islands, coastlines, and deltas.  A convergence of valleys and urban gardens.

The food?…a natural abundance of ingredients cared for by growers, farmers and foragers…a way of cooking that trusts the raw material to shine.

And the wine…we seek out wines that are produced with values that match our own…respect for the land, artisanal techniques, no unnatural additives.  Wines that sing of the place they are from.  They are wines that make us happy, make us dream.

Compact and energetic, the room at Burdock & Co invites conversation and dining exploration.

Our Family...

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5:00 - 10:00


2702 Main Street 

Vancouver, BC

V5T 3E8




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our family

Our Family...

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